Sunglasses with polarized lenses protect us from reflections and flashes that, for a moment, prevent us from seeing clearly. In most cases, a flash does not pose a risk, however, while we are driving non-polarized glasses, they can cause a hazardous situation.

Luppo sunglasses have a unique listening technology via Bluetooth, but also include polarized coloured lenses that protects your eyes from flashes.

How polarized lenses avoid flashes

Sunlight vibrates in all directions. When the light hits a horizontal surface, for example in snow or asphalt, there is a polarization that generates a reflection, emitting a very intense light that partially prevents vision.

Polarized lenses, such as those in Luppo sunglasses, have a special filter that blocks reflected light, allowing only known as useful light to pass through, that is, light in its usual degree. In this way the reflections are eliminated and we get to perceive the natural colours.

The dangers of driving with non-polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses avoids annoying flashes caused by the reflection of the sun. In normal conditions this reflexion lasts only a second, and therefore usually has no consequences, however, while driving, losing a second of vision can be crucial.

Currently most drivers have polarized sunglasses. A harmful reflection can come from the asphalt itself, from the snow, from a glass, etc.

Driving, whether a car, a motorcycle or any other vehicle, requires a complete and continuous vision, reflexes are a distraction that can lead to very serious consequences.

In Luppo we have developed a UV 400 polarized lens, this cataloguing refers to the UV filtering required by the approval certificate. This filter protects the view completely, as it blocks any solar beam with a shorter wavelength of 400 nanometres, which account for up to 99% of the ultraviolet waves that reach our sight.

These lenses protect the eye from radiation even in spaces with intense luminosity, and of course, avoid flashes while driving.

Luppo glasses incorporates high quality lenses to protect your eyesight. In addition to the exclusive listening system without headphones, our sunglasses have high protection lenses, which you can also replace to release lenses whenever you want.