The sunscreen protection in sunglasses is essential for them to fulfil their main function.

It is essential that the user knows perfectly the importance of choosing the best sunscreen for sunglasses depending on their use.

A sunscreen sunglasses filter protects eyesight from harmful solar radiation, as well as reducing eye fatigue and optimizing visual perception.

Sunscreen categories

The sunscreen is labelled in the models of the catalogues of the best sunglasses in different categories of sunscreens, which ranges from 0 to 4. Also known as filter classes, determine the degree of light transmission, colours These ranges are adjusted and the recommendations for use according to the weather.

Category 0: is that which is used in very clear lenses, with a maximum absorption of 19%, so they are the most suitable on cloudy days.

Category 1: slightly coloured, crystals of this class absorb between 20 and 56% of the sun’s rays. They are used in light luminosity environments.

Category 2: they are moderately coloured lenses that absorb between 57 and 81%, so they are the most appropriate for medium solar luminosity.

Category 3: they are very dark lenses, which absorb between 82 and 92%, ideal for environments of strong luminosity, such as those of the beach or the mountain.

None of the glasses whose category is between 1 and 3 are allowed for night driving.

Category 4: this is the highest range, with very dark lenses that absorb between 93 and 96% of the sun’s rays, in environments of extreme luminosity, such as high mountains, or for people who require maximum visual protection, such as Cataract surgery. They are not appropriate for driving.

The sunscreen on Luppo sunglasses

Luppo sunglasses have the maximum protection for the visual health of the users, with a UV 400 protection, so their use is appropriate for any environment, including the maximum brightness, such as high mountains or desert.

Thus, you will be sure that you have the best glasses on the market, made with top quality components to ensure the quality of your eyesight, with customizable colours to give this complement a unique style, with polarized lenses that prevent flashes and are interchangeable, in addition to many other advantages of using Luppo glasses.