The bone conduction technology developed by Luppo has led to a revolution in the sound sector. The complete device is integrated into the sunglasses themselves, allowing you to listen to any sound with total clarity and without losing the ambient sound, something fundamental in some cases, in this post we tell you how the technology of Luppo sunglasses works.

The dangers of sound exposure with headphones

The traditional listening solution was based on headphones and headphones that came into direct contact with the ear. The human ear is prepared to pick up sounds from outside and make them reach the brain by means of vibrations, however it is not designed to hold listening devices, or to be exposed to very close sound sources, such as headphones.

Listening problems have multiplied in recent years, especially in young people. Fortunately, it is not a serious damage, but high percentages of mild hearing loss are detected, which in many cases is related to the intense use of headphones.

Luppo bone conduction technology prevents this type of ailment, it is a fully integrated system in the sunglasses pins, capable of picking up the sound of a mobile device and getting it to your ear from the bottom of the temporal bone. It is the bone itself that conducts the sound to the ear, getting it crisp and uninterrupted.

Listen to the Bluetooth signal of your Smartphone without losing the surrounding audio

What is achieved with this technology is that attention does not focus exclusively on the sound that comes directly to hate, but that the sound of the environment also arrives without interruptions and clearly.

In situations like driving it is important to fully listen the ambient sound. Although we are not aware, much of the decisions we make at the wheel of a car or motorcycle are made based on acoustic signals, Luppo sunglasses allows these signals to continue to reach our listening system, and we can have them in mind when driving, preventing sound insulation.

Through the Bluetooth system we can play any sound from our Smartphone, even a call, without losing attention to what happens on the road.