There are different types of sunglasses, depending on the type of lens they include, the frame, etc., so, before buying sunglasses, it is advisable to know their benefits thoroughly.

If you want to know what types of sunglasses are the most common, then we analyse the most common sunglasses in stores based on the characteristics of the glasses.

What types of sunglasses are perfect for you?

  • Glasses with polarized lenses: These glasses incorporate an anti-glare glass, which prevents glare when the sun is more intense. They are very useful for driving, since they prevent the reflection of the sun from subtracting vision, generating dangerous situations.
  • Sunglasses with mirror glass: They are recommended for spaces where sunlight is especially intense, such as in the high mountains. They are based on a mirror effect that allows light to bounce on the surface and not reach the eye directly.
  • Glasses with photochromic glass: This type of glass is dyed with different colours, which act as a filter depending on the amount of light they receive. If the exposure of light is more intense, the glass darkens, the other way around, the crystal becomes lighter when the radiation is lower.

Categories of filters in solar lenses

As for protection, there are different lenses depending on the light absorption they offer. Usually a scheme is used with 5 different types of protection ranging from category 0 to 4.

Category 0 we find the glasses with very clear lenses, capable of absorbing up to 19% of light. On the other end are the factor 4 lenses, suitable for high mountains and activities such as skiing. They are recommended in situations where radiation is extreme and we need extra protection.

Luppo, unique sunglasses

At Luppo we have developed a different technology than other sunglasses incorporate. Our lenses not only offer you high protection in high radiation environments, they are also polarized, so they avoid especially annoying flashes while driving.

Another characteristic is that Luppo makes a unique sunglass is its Bluetooth system that takes advantage of the bone conduction system to avoid the use of headphones. With Luppo you can listen to any sound that your Smartphone emits in all kinds of situations, even while driving, in a clear and safe way.