Sunglasses to listen music are now a reality thanks to Luppo. It seemed impossible that there could be a technology capable of transmitting sounds without the need for headphones, however, the bone conduction system has demonstrated its effectiveness and ability to bring the sounds of our devices via Bluetooth to our ears, thanks to sunglasses to listen to music that are also a style icon.

How is the technology of Luppo sunglasses?

The technology developed by Luppo sunglasses for listening music is based on bone conduction, a system used in devices for people with hearing impairment, which has been adapted to the structure of classic sunglasses.

The process is very simple, it is the lateral part of the skull that absorbs the sound and transmits it to the ear, due to its proximity to the ear canal. In this way, we not only prevent the sound source from coming into direct contact with the ear, but also create an isolated sound space, which also allows us to perceive the ambient sound.

A listening system that does not damage the ear and is suitable for driving

One of the keys of Luppo sunglasses to listen music is that the eardrum is fully protected.

The eardrum is a membrane that vibrates every time it perceives a vibration, that is, a sound. If the sound you perceive is greater than 85 decibels (a police siren or the noise generated by a traffic jam), the eardrum may be affected irreparably.

The bone listening process prevents the eardrum from suffering, but also allows you to accurately capture the ambient sound.

Usually, when we listen to music via Bluetooth from our Smartphone we focus on the music itself, however, there are situations in which ambient sound can be crucial, and therefore we must perceive it, one of these situations is driving.

For driving it is essential to pay attention, the noise and acoustic signals that comes from outside of the car gives us a lot of information about traffic, Luppo bone hearing sunglasses do not interfere at any time with the ambient sound, so they are totally approved for use at the wheel, in cars, bikes, motorcycles, etc.

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses to listen to music, choose the best ones, in Luppo we offer you safe sunglasses with an incomparable audio quality.