The sunglasses with music from Luppo are the only ones that allow you to listen clearly and without headphones to the music of your Smartphone. Thanks to its bone conduction system, you can clearly listen your favourite music without losing the auditory signals that are generated around you.

The Luppo sunglasses listening system

Sunglasses with music by Luppo are already an essential complement for many people. Being able to listen daily to our music via Bluetooth without the need for headphones is a perfect solution for driving, but also for walking or for any daily activity that we want to accompany with music.

This listening system developed by Luppo also allows you to listen to any sound signal from your phone, we can even answer calls and have a conversation simply with the Luppo sunglasses listening system.

One of the main advantages of the Luppo listening system is that it allows you to fully listen the ambient sound in any situation, that is why it is allowed and it is completely safe to drive with these glasses.

Sound quality and protection for your eyes

Two of the characteristics that makes our sunglasses with music unique are the sound quality they offer and the protective sunglasses.

The Bluetooth system used by Luppo sunglasses guarantees high quality sound both in the reproduction of sound files and in conversations via Smartphone, two bone conduction transmitters that are located on the rods emit a stereo sound that allows us to listen the sound that is produced around us. The connection allows you to listen the sounds more clearly than if we used a traditional headphone system, you can also listen your favourite music clearly even in environments with a very powerful ambient sound.

The glasses also incorporate highly protected polarized lenses. In addition to the audio system, it is very important that sunglasses protect your vision from the impact of sunlight, to achieve this, we use polarized glasses to avoid glare and UV400 high protection lenses.

Thanks to the lenses change system, you can change the colour of your lenses whenever you want in a few seconds without having to go through an optician specialist.

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses with high quality sound music, visit our website and get to know the sunglasses and accessories of Luppo, the best glasses with Bluetooth on the market, with an incomparable sound and total protection against UV rays. If you want to know more about Luppo visit our catalogue.