The lenses of sunglasses are the most important part to protect against harmful radiation. It is important to know how to protect sunglasses to choose suitable sunglasses, which prevent UV rays from reaching our eyes.

This week we analyse how Luppo sunglasses protects and why it is important to have quality glasses.

What are ultraviolet rays and what are the consequences?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is part of the invisible spectrum and can cause irreparable damage to the eyes if it reaches us continuously.

There are three types of ultraviolet rays, they are the following:

  • UVA: These are rays with a wavelength between 315 and 400 nm. These rays can damage the eye or aggravate vision problems that are already present.
  • UVB: They have a wavelength less than the previous ones, between 280 and 315 nm, but it is much more biologically active than UVA rays.
  • UVC: These are the most toxic and harmful rays, especially for the human eye, however, most of the UVC radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere itself.

An optimal sunglasses glass must be prepared to prevent these three types of radiation from impacting the superficial layers of the eye, causing damage that is sometimes irreparable. The best solution is to use glasses with quality crystals.

Luppo, protection in high solar radiation spaces

In Luppo we have developed a bone technology that allows you to listen to music and any type of sound that your mobile generates without the need of headphones, however, our glasses also incorporate high quality crystals in different colours.

The official Luppo lenses offer UV400 protection, that is, they are capable of absorbing a wavelength of up to 400 nanometres, which is the maximum that reaches a UVA beam under normal conditions.

The European Union establishes a mandatory minimum for the manufacture of lenses and sun protection, in Luppo we have incorporated lenses that protect more, specially designed for spaces where solar radiation is especially intense, such as mountain areas, the result They are high-protection glasses, even in places with high UV exposure.

These are the characteristics that have the high protection lenses of Luppo, if you want to know more visit our website.