Luppo custom sunglasses allow you to change the colour of the lens whenever you want.

Every day we choose different accessories to combine, why not also do it with our sunglasses. If you are looking for custom sunglasses with different lenses, Luppo glasses allow you to change the lens without going through the optics.

Luppo sunglasses

In Luppo you will find lenses of seven different colours: blue, grey, green, purple, gold, red and orange.

Luppo lenses have a UV400 high protection filter in all our models, which guarantees you complete eye protection, even in high radiation situations. Another advantage offered by our lenses is that they are polarized, avoiding reflections that can be especially annoying while driving.

Another advantage is that you can change the lenses easily. Luppo glasses have a very simple system that protects the lens and allows it to be changed manually, without the need for specialized tools.

The lenses in sunglasses are a fundamental element. The main objective of sunglasses is to protect the view from radiation, in Luppo we have developed high protection lenses that are the best complement for our frame with bone conduction system.

A colour for each day

The best way to personalize sunglasses is by changing the colour of your sunglasses. The black frame of the Luppo sunglasses admit any combination, its modern and sporty design combines with any of the colours available in our catalogue.

How do you feel today? If you need elegant and sober sunglasses choose grey lenses, if you go to the mountain and you need a high visibility glass and extreme protection opt for orange lenses, if you want to wear fun sunglasses for a holiday you can choose the golden crystals.

Once you have chosen the lenses, you can enjoy sunglasses with bone conduction system, with which you can listen to your favourite music without cables, simply with the Bluetooth system of your Smartphone, in addition, you will not need headphones, since the system Bone conduction allows the sound to reach you clearly.

In Luppo we have developed unique sunglasses, which not only protect you from radiation, they also allow you to release lenses whenever you want, and listen to your music in a different way.