The characteristics of Luppo sunglasses makes these sunglasses unique. As you know, there are thousands of different models on the market, however, the combination of protection and technology have made Luppo sunglasses a reference.

The most outstanding features of our unisex sunglasses are the following:

  • They have a Bluetooth listening system that works without headphones or other auxiliary listening elements. This technology allows you to listen to the ambient sound while listening the voice of a call or the music of your Smartphone at the same time.
  • The design of the frame is very light and resistant. We have developed a very comfortable and ergonomic mount, which adapts to you from the first moment.
  • The lenses are essential to determine the quality of sunglasses. The lenses that Luppo sunglasses includes are UV400 Polarized, to avoid glare and sparkles. These lenses are available in several colours and are interchangeable, so you can wear these sunglasses whenever you want.

How quality sunglasses should be

Luppo’s own design incorporates all the features that quality sunglasses should have.

The ergonomic design of the frame allows them to be very comfortable, even for people who are not used to wear sunglasses regularly. The design of the frame must be made with high protection lenses, essential to prevent solar radiation from contacting to the eye.

Design is also important. In Luppo we have opted for a modern design, with soft lines and a particularly resistant material, which does not wear out from blows or the action of the sun.

The importance of lenses in sunglasses

The most important element of sunglasses are lenses. Having polarized lenses prevents flashes, but in addition, Luppo crystals have a UV 400 protection, this filter allows you to use them even in places with high intense exposure, such as in high mountains.

Safety in sunglasses glasses is the most important, but in addition Luppo sunglasses have an interchangeable system, with which you can vary the colour of your sunglasses whenever you want, without having to go to an optician specialist to do this job for you.

These are the general characteristics of Luppo sunglasses, if you want to know more visit our website and know the listening system without auxiliary devices, which allows you, among other things, to drive safely while listening to your Smartphone or the indications of your GPS.