Listen to music or talk on the phone with open ears

Luppo Bluetooth sunglasses are unique, its bone conduction system allows a person to hear sounds from an external device with total clarity, while listening the ambient sound.

The bone conduction speakers of our sunglasses with music are based on a very simple system, which works by means of cranial headphones that transport the sound waves to the inner area of ​​the ear, without the need to plug the external duct with traditional headphones.

Luppo bone conduction sunglasses also incorporate a high quality protective glass, with a polarized filter UV400 that prevents flashes and reflections, something fundamental, for example, while driving.

If you are looking for sunglasses with music choose the best ones, the Luppo Bluetooth sunglasses are unique, you will not find a more comfortable system to listen to music or receive calls without headphones.

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Luppo Bluetooth headphones are based on the technology of hearing aids, also known as hands-free glasses. The bone conduction headphones take advantage of the bone’s ability to transmit sound waves that reach the inside of the ear, clearly perceived in any situation, even with a very intense ambient sound.

The sunglasses that plays music through this system can be used to drive all types of vehicles, because the glasses with wireless headphones do not isolate us from the ambient sound, essential for safe driving on the road.

The cranial headphones are absolutely safe and avoid using elements that plug the external ear canal, preventing the perception of other sounds and resulting in long-term damage to the eardrum, due to the proximity of the sound source.

Enjoy sunglasses with music wherever you are

Listening your favourite music with you is possible with any mobile device, however traditional headphones and headphones are not the best solution. Bone conduction headphones have been a real revolution in our way of listening to music, Luppo’s bone conduction sunglasses take advantage of this technology to listen to music anywhere, playing sports, driving, while you’re at home, etc., without losing the perception of ambient sound.

Sunglasses with music protects the inner ear, since the sound source is not close to the eardrum and the ear canal does not remain plugged. Another advantage is that, in addition, the audio quality of sunglasses with music is incomparable, since the cranial bone itself carries sound waves directly to the inner ear..

What are cranial headphones?

Bone conduction headphones are speakers that are located at the height of the temple, if they are attached to a pair of sunglasses with Bluetooth, the bone itself transmits the sound from the speaker to the ear.

Bone conduction headphones allows the sound generated by the device not to be listened by other people, but it also makes it easier for the sound that is generated around to be heard clearly, so cranial headphones are safer than traditional headphones.

The hearing aid sunglasses take advantage of this simple wave transmission system, so we have hands-free glasses that act as a speaker for driving with GPS, but also as glasses that play music.

The sunglasses with wireless headphones from Luppo have a unique technology that improves the sound, allowing it to arrive crisp in any situation, that’s why the glasses with Luppo music are the best solution to listen to music without using other accessories.


What can you do with our Bluetooth sunglasses?

With our bone conduction sunglasses, you can perform any activity that requires a certain degree of attention to the sound that is produced around you. Our sunglasses with music will allow you to enjoy any audio file that your Smartphone or Tablet plays, you can also answer calls without having to manipulate your mobile phone.

These are some of the activities that you can do comfortably with our sunglasses with music.


Take calls as in a hands-free system

Listening to the ambient sound while driving is basic for safety. Many of the signals we use when driving is acoustic, although we don’t realize it, we make many decisions based on the sounds we perceive while driving.

Luppo Bluetooth glasses are approved to listen to music while driving, as they allow the driver to continue listening the sounds of other vehicles. In addition, they also allow you to talk on the phone as if you were using a hands-free system.s.

Answering a call at the wheel increases the risk of an accident by a very high percentage, with the Luppo hands-free Bluetooth system this risk is minimized, because you do not need to manipulate your smartphone to answer the call, and you can also continue listening to the acoustic signals that occur on the road.

Drive safely and listen to your GPS directions

One of the main advantages of the bone listening system is the use of GPS. Listening to the sound of GPS in a car is usually clear, however, for motorcycle drivers it is more complicated to listen the indications.

Luppo sunglasses can be connected via Bluetooth to a navigation system, either a smartphone or a traditional GPS. The sound indications reach the receiver, in this case the Luppo sunglasses themselves, which ensure that the sound arrives clearly, without preventing you from continuing to listen to the sounds of driving, in this way you can follow your path without risks.

Another advantage of Luppo is that the lenses are polarized, and therefore avoid awkward flashes and glare while driving.

Forget about going with headphones everywhere

The headphones not only close the ear canal, they also force us to always have the sound source nearby, usually a smartphone.

The Bluetooth system makes the music reach our ears without needing to be in contact with the mobile phone, we can even move away a few meters and continue to clearly perceive the auditory signal.

Listen to music on the beach

Listening to music on the beach without headphones is possible thanks to Luppo’s bone conduction system..


Sale of bone conduction sunglasses

Luppo Bluetooth sunglasses are customized with different colours with UV400 polarized lenses of high protection.

Our lenses protect you completely, even in environments with high solar radiation, and the crystals are polarized, which prevents glare from direct glare.

Another advantage of our lenses is that they are interchangeable and the fixation system is very simple. It is not necessary that you go to an optician specialist to replace lenses whenever you want, its simple anchoring system allows you to vary the colour of the lens whenever you need it.

A complete protection against solar radiation and a high quality listening bone system makes Luppo sunglasses the perfect complement. If you are looking for sunglasses with an integrated Bluetooth system that avoids the use of headphones, Luppo sunglasses are the perfect solution.



Voice Control of Music and Telephone.

Listen to music or talk on the phone thanks to the voice control of your LUPPO sunglasses by pressing the left touch pin for 5 seconds and your voice assistant on the phone (Siri, Bixby or Google Assistant) will be activated.

Ears free.

Use your LUPPO sunglasses with total freedom without isolating yourself from your surroundings by listening to your favourite music or talking on the phone.

Activity with your hands free.

Enjoy your LUPPO sunglasses doing your favourite activity with total safety..

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